Having spent some time working with friend and fellow chocolatier Becky Taylor from ‘Chocs Away’, I decided to take myself off to Chocolate School and learn as much as I could about the stuff I seemed to eat so readily.  I found myself extremely interested in the historical aspects of chocolate and was excited to locate what is thought to be the first ever recorded recipe for Hot Chocolate.  Dating back to 1644, Antonio Colmenero de Ledesma lists a recipe in which a dark chocolate is blended with a subtle blend of spices (chilli, cinnamon & star anise).  I have recreate this and would recommend you try it – it’s delicious!

Having spent some time honing my skills, I decided I wanted to share my love of chocolate with others – and so the ‘At Home’ chocolate party was created.  Interestingly, whilst children’s parties were well received, I found the uptake was greater by the grown-ups!  This concept developed into larger group settings were I have presented lessons, demonstrations and workshops to schools and Groups alike.

Having come across the chocolate printing system and after a ‘play’ with adding photos and text for friends birthdays, it became apparent that there was an appetite for personal printed chocolates.  Whether it be for Birthday parties, ‘Save the Date’ Wedding invitations or Corporate chocolates – there is something for everyone!

And so I continue to learn, taste and have fun as I progress with my chocolate journey…


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